Meet Shelly

Dallas County has been home to Shelly and her husband, Bruce, for nearly four decades. It is also home to their three children and their families. Shelly is known as a natural leader, problem solver, and motivator in her professional and personal life. She excels in balancing accounts, checking compliance boxes, and streamlining processes.

Shelly believes the Treasurer’s office should not voice a political opinion but instead, should focus on following the law, regulations, and budget.

Born & Raised Texan

A native Texan, Shelly grew up in Amarillo, TX. The youngest of three daughters, her parents taught her the importance of God, hard work, and serving the community.

Her dad owned several small businesses, including an auto repair shop, fast food restaurants, and a lumber yard. She and her sisters worked whenever and wherever their dad needed them. She watched her mom, an elementary school teacher, regularly serve their extended family, local church, and community.

When Shelly’s family gathered for dinner, they discussed business struggles, possible solutions, and ways to meet the needs of customers and employees. Shelly saw the real-life costs and the benefits of business ownership. Her parent’s example taught her the importance of treating every person with dignity and respect.

During college, while working for the Federal District Clerk, Shelly met Bruce Akerly, a law clerk for Judge Robinson, the Federal Judge in Amarillo. Friendship turned into dates, and dates turned into a proposal.

Shelly and Bruce married in 1984 and moved to Dallas County. Three years later, she graduated from UT Arlington with a BBA in Accounting and began working in the oil and gas industry at Mobil Oil and then ARCO. Leaving the corporate world behind, Shelly focused the next 15 years on raising children and serving her family and community. They made their home in Grand Prairie, then Coppell, where they now live.

Shelly is known as a natural leader, problem solver, and motivator. She is also a woman of faith and served as a local leader for Mom’s in Prayer for more than a decade. Shelly has used her business and accounting skills in various roles in her church, community service with the Public Improvement District in Grand Prairie, and with her children in scouting and school booster clubs. 

Stay-At-Home Mom Turned Small Business Owner

As Shelly and Bruce’s three children grew older, she added more work experiences to her resume. She worked for several years on the administrative side of a financial planning firm, where her skills in compliance, regulation, accurate documentation, and excellent communication are vital.

After the 2010 financial crisis, she started a company where she renegotiated agreements between debtors and financial institutions with a “win-win” motto. Her confident yet calm manner soothed the difficult path for people in challenging situations. 

As the housing market improved, Shelly scaled her business down, making room for the next project in her life. In 2016, Bruce stepped away from a large law firm and opened a small independent firm. Fortunately, Shelly was ready to step in and run the business side of the practice. She oversees compliance, payroll, finance, and trust accounting.

Now, Shelly is ready for her next chapter – one she’s been preparing for since her childhood in Amarillo. The chapter of serving as Treasurer of Dallas County. 

Support for Shelly

Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne

Representing the 24th District of Texas

I’m happy to endorse Shelly Akerly for County Treasurer because Dallas County taxpayers deserve to have a highly qualified professional serving as our Dallas County Treasurer. With Shelly’s experience, work ethic, and professionalism, we will be better served by having her manage this vital position for Dallas County.”

Mike Reppert

CFP®, CSA Senior Partner at Spectrum Advisors, Inc.

“I am pleased to endorse Shelly for the position of County Treasurer. Having worked for our firm, she demonstrated a high level of leadership and is very resourceful. Shelly’s accounting skills and attention to detail would serve her well in this position. Her personal character and ethics are of the highest quality.”

Donald Goerner

President, Spectrum Wealth Management, LLC

“Having worked alongside Shelly for a number of years, there are three words that come to mind to describe her- dependable, accountable, and thorough. A gifted collaborator, Shelly excels at utilizing available resources to efficiently accomplish her assigned responsibilities.”

Ric Roberson

CFO/COO at Anelto, Inc.

I am voting Shelly Akerly for Dallas County Treasurer. I have known Shelly for over 15 years. She is bright and competent with a passion to serve Dallas County. Shelly’s integrity and character are above reproach. Please join me in electing Shelly as Dallas County Treasurer.

Burt Odom

Chairman, EMJ Corp.

“Shelly is who you want on your team to get the job done. She commands authority without offending or speaking down to her audience. People listen to and trust her to do what’s right no matter the circumstance.”

Wayne Sanderford

President of Digital Filing Solutions

“I’ve known Shelly for 20 years – If she says it, she means it. I trust her implicitly and know she’s the right person for this job.”

Councilmember Young Sung

City of Carrollton, TX

“Over the last decade – we have seen that a politician should not serve as Treasurer. Dallas deserves a person focused on ethics and transparency rather than policy. We need a finance professional to protect our tax dollars and ensure they are well-spent.We deserve better than the last 10 years. Vote to hire an Accountant for Treasurer – vote for Shelly Akerly.”

Every community should be treated with honor and respect. Every resident  benefits from an efficient, well-run government.  

– Shelly Akerly